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FOSC Poster Prize


FOS invites delegates to submit abstracts of 250 words on any research or audit involving orthopaedic surgery that they have conducted.
Abstracts will be shortlisted following submission and successful candidates will asked to present their work as a poster at FOSC.
All shortlisted abstracts will be published in The Journal of Undergraduate Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery.

Posters will be judged on the day by leading orthopaedic surgeons.
The winning poster will receive the annual FOSC prize certificate together with a copy of ‘Survival Skills in Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery’’

Abstract Submission Guidelines
Abstracts should be 250 words in length in 12 point Arial text
For research or audit entries the abstract should be divided into: background, method, results and conclusion

Please include the following in your abstract submission:
Abstract Title
Name, Title, Institution, Stage of Training
Contact details
Co-author Information

Please name the word document with your name and then FOSC 2012 e.g. A.SmithFOSC2012.doc

Abstracts will only be accepted if all co-authors agree to the presentation, if authors have tickets for FOSC and if the work has not been presented elsewhere.
Authors may submit one abstract for presentation only.
All submissions will be acknowledged and the outcome of your submission will be announced 5th October 2015.

Abstracts should be submitted to:
[email protected]

Poster Guidelines
If your abstract is successfully shortlisted you will be given the opportunity to present your work as a poster at FOSC.
Delegates will be asked to print and bring their poster for presentation on the day of the conference and will also be presented on the FOS website.

Posters should be A2 (0.420m x 0.594m) in external dimension
Posters should be presented in portrait format
Please seek copyright permission for any images, diagrams or tables used in the poster. Written confirmation of any copyright permission should be submitted along with an electronic copy of the poster.

Top Tips on Presenting a Poster
Packages such as “Powerpoint” make the task much easier and allow you to experiment. Avoid simply copying and pasting your abstract, succinctly capture points from your abstract.
Do not overload your poster, 500 to 750 words (including title, figure legends and tables) is advised.
The average reader spends 1-2 minutes on your poster so highlight your main points.
A clear structure is important, most people read from top left to bottom right going down any columns.
The poster is supposed to be readable from a distance of 1.5-2 m. The text should definitely be no less than 5 mm for capitals and tall letters, and preferably larger. Use a constant font throughout the poster.

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