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FOS Elective/Travelling Bursary

Entries are invited for the annual FOS Elective/Travelling Bursary. The aim of the award is to help medical students fund their elective and also qualified doctors who may wish to undertake a short visit to an orthopaedic institution to improve their skills.

Entries of no more than 250 words should be emailed to [email protected] no later than 1st January.

Please use the subject heading 'FOS Elective Bursary’ in your email and include your full name, stage of training and institution in the body of the email.

All entries will be added to the electives database and high scoring entries will be published in JUTO.

Entry Guidelines
• The Prize is open to undergraduate medical students and junior doctors up to CT/ST2 level.
• Only entries that are submitted via email, in word format to the published email address will be accepted. Submissions made in PDF format will not be accepted.
• Entries should be no longer than 250 words with the final report not exceeding 1000 words (750-1000)
• Entries should be submitted in Arial size 12 font, excluding title.
• A letter of confirmation from the host institution is mandatory and should be included in your submission
• The word limit does not include the published title/question or references
• References should be presented as footnotes and endnotes
• Entries will be judged by the FOS Committee together with orthopaedic surgeons
• Applicants must be FOS members at the time of submission

Entry Structure
• Entries should include the following: dates for trip, location, institution, purpose/aims of trip and why you will benefit from the visit
Top Tips

Entries will be judged on the following attributes:
• Originality
• Benefit to training
• Concurrent projects undertaken

No abstract that exceeds the word count will be accepted

Award of Bursary

• The bursary will be awarded upon return from the elective/visit and production of a 750-1000 word elective/visit report
• Failure to produce a report and evidence of your trip will lead to forfeit of the bursary
• 3 bursaries of £100 are available each year
• Bursaries will be sent to the winners within 7 days of receiving the report

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